Community Information and Resources

City Resources

If you ever see something that is hurting our neighborhood and needs to be stopped, REPORT IT. The city has resources, but we won’t get them unless we ask. Below is a list of contact information for reporting various problems

    • 311 & Department of Public Works
      • General services can help you report a variety of issues, as well as find information on city resources
      • Report graffiti, blight, trash, and many other problems
      • Dial 311 (local) or 415-701-2311
    • Police
      • Ingleside Station 415-553-0123 (non-emergency line; loitering, noise, suspicious activity, etc.)
      • Narcotics Hotline 800-272-2548
    • Department of Public Health
      • Report unsanitary or dangerous conditions
        (garbage, pests, smoke, food conditions, mold, chemical hazards)
    • Department of Building Inspection
      • Report building code violations, transparency (covered commercial windows) violations, illegal/unpermitted work, building hazards
    • Planning Department
      • Report land use & zoning violations; illegal dwelling or commercial/business use
      • 415-575-6863
      • Filing a complaint
    • Parking Enforcement
      • Report illegal parking (blocked sidewalks, public right-of-way)
      • 415-553-1200
      • Abandoned vehicles 311 service
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